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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wasted Saturday... not!

While I was supposed to do some writing, it appears I spent whole Saturday playing Borderlands in co-op.

What is Borderlands?

It's not a new title. But, the game itself is so good, I often return to it. Great clima, good gameplay, amazing replayability... and most importantly - 4 player co-op. Much fun... but at the same time, it eats a lot of time. A LOT. Or maybe I am just addicted to it. Oh.. wait..


  1. Borderlands is an AMAZING game.
    I found myself to be locked out of my LoL server while they were doing maintenance, and I went back to borderlands.
    That served very well in killing a couple hours.

  2. Thinking about getting this game. PC or xbox?

  3. I've heard my friends talking about this but never actually played it.

  4. Good game, good shout-out for it.

  5. I have bulletstorm can someone compare it with boderlands? i wonder if i should buy it too

  6. Haha I know the feeling. It's far too easy to waste a Saturday rather than doing what you should be doing!

  7. I've never played Borderlands but it seems like a lot of people love the game.